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The beloved bottlenose dolphin, found year-round off the coasts of Florida and Hawaii, are a distinctly social species. Most populations do not migrate, but do travel fairly widely to find food or locate waters of preferred temperature. We believe these and all other dolphins should be viewed in the wild, only - and not be held in captivity.

Life on small islands provides a microcosm for understanding how we can live in balance with our environment and each other with local livelihoods, food security. and natural resources sustained through a balance of enhancement, use and preservation.

Human capacity to see and understand the importance and vulnerability of life in the sea, has trailed our growing ability to harm it. Our very existence depends upon healthy oceans, while dolphins and other cetaceans represent a key piece to this huge ecosystem.

The Wild Dolphin Foundation is a grassroots NPO, whose mission is protecting wild dolphins globally through research, advocacy, public education and conservation and to create culturally-sustainable change in human behaviors which continue to threaten the well-being of dolphins and their host communities.

Since 2005, the Hawaii based Wild Dolphin Foundation (WDF) has been supporting research, advocacy, public education, and the conservation of dolphins and whales. We work with volunteers, backers, independent researchers and scientists, behaviorists, children and schools, the general public, tour operators, recreational boaters and fishing communities to create culturally sustainable change. We possess a deep commitment to bring honor and Aloha our non-profit management, are conscious of cost effectiveness, internal accountability, and use donations responsibly..

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