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Consultancy and Charter
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Since television's early days, Oahu has been used as a beautiful backdrop for many programs. While beaches, the ocean and marine life are always popular subjects. The Wild Dolphin Foundation has successfully acted as consultants, as a platform for charters and as supplier of marine B-roll footage (above and underwater footage taken with 3 CCD Sony PDX10) or high resolution photographs, to a number of professionals such as:

  • film production
  • journalism
  • photography

We are able to offer specialist knowledge of humpback whales, spinner dolphins, green sea turtles, coral, reef fish and other ocean life combining excellent practical skills and scientific information. Chartering our vessel for your work will take you to the heart of the action, optimizing your objectives. Understanding the animals' behavior from years of study means that we can stay with the action and predict the animals' movements. As consultants we can also provide the necessary scientific input.

Examples of professional charters and consultancy include:

  • university and school field trips
  • filming platform for wildlife documentaries
  • filming platform for fictional or travel features
  • platform for professional photographers
  • scientific comments and information to journalists and film companies

  • Jan 2011 — published in Dolphin and Whale Magazine, "Does Longline Fishing Threaten Hawaii's False Killer Whales?"

  • August 2010 Untamed Science Spinner Dolphins in Hawaii "Lead by marine biologist and spinner dolphin expert, Alexa Olsen, Suze and Dan swam headlong into the offshore waters of western Oahu to videotape these extraordinary marine mammals during their interactions... all part of exploring the world of dolphins while investigating the science behind myoglobin."

  • Aug. 2009 The Associated Press interviewed for "Hawaii protecting coral reefs with big fines"

  • Feb. 2006 WINGSPAN Magazine, TALKIN’ DOLPHINS Oahu & the Search for Higher Intelligence (pdf)

  • March 12, 2005 — provided an interview on dolphin research and a platform for footage for the Travel Channel

  • Shark Week 2004 — supplied platform for dolphin and turtle footage for Tiger Shark Attack: Beyond Fear with BBC producer John Ruthven and crew of Blue Planet and Deep Blue

  • October 31, 2003 — interview on dolphin research and footage with World Champion free-diver Umberto Pelizzari

    Person Hoisting Sail

  • October 6, 2003 — filming for Disney Channel Australia's Studio D

  • April 2003 — onboard taping for "Heavenly Hawaii," a series to be aired on the Travel Channel featuring culturally correct Hawaiian adventures

  • July 16, 2002 — interview on KHNL evening news show on impact of LFAS testing in Hawaiian waters

  • May 2002 — Destination Diving

  • January – February 2002 — supplied marine footage for Continental Airlines' in-flight video

  • Reel Productions — supplied whale footage for "Incredible Creatures"

  • Suzuki's Nature Quest with David Suzuki, aired on Discovery Channel and Canada's "Y" TV — research featured in one episode and obtained footage for two others

  • Making Healthy Choices with "first lady of nutrition" Maureen Kennedy Salaman — "Healthy Hawaiian Lifestyles" live onboard broadcast