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"People in my field keep on realizing, sometimes with a kind of surprise, that eye-to-eye contact with nature is the truest of experiences and the simplest way to understand." - Dr. Kenneth Norris

Sail with docents from the Wild Dolphin Foundation (WDF) to explore the realm of the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin. Every Tuesday morning (weather permitting), WDF will be training their eyes on the very unique coastal areas on Oahu that the wild dolphins call home.

Three major nearshore areas on the rural western coastline provide a daytime playground for the spinner dolphins, where pod sightings of 40 - 60 animals are a daily occurrence that happens in very few other places.

So called for their high, spinning leaps, spinner dolphins are known as playful, eager bow-riders throughout much of their range.

These wildlife tours in partnership with Wild Side Specialty Tours, focus on education and conservation so that an interactive relationship can be maintained in the best interest of both humans and dolphins, fostering admiration and respect for these wonderful mammals. A portion of the proceeds from the four-hour charter "Dive into Dolphins" series will be used directly for conservation measures. Snorkel equipment (we'll be visiting the reef and turtles also!), drinks and snacks provided.

E-mail us for more information on the four-hour 7 A.M. dolphin viewing charters, or make reservations for the Dolphin Tuesdays. If you live on Oahu and would like to train to be a docent, e-mail your availability to us.