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Ten Shocking Facts About the State of our Oceans


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Dolphins can solve problems, follow recipes, use tools, recognize themselves in mirrors, and send holographic images to each other!

We have always looked to the stars for signs of intellignet life, now we are waking up to the idea they are right here...

Dolphins in Hawaii

We believe all dolphins should be viewed in the wild only - and no dolphin should be held in captivity or servitude; be subject to cruel treatment; or be removed from their natural environment. Captive dolphins that cannot be rehabilitated into the wild should be released into sea pens. There are existing and viable plans to do so, allowing substantially more freedom of movement within their natural environment.

Dolphins have been viewed as magical and "Man’s Best Friend in the Sea" for millennia by humans. They’re one of the only animals that appear to play, joyfully leaping out of the water, and the bottlenose dolphin seems to grin widely at everything. Dolphins are social animals, with emotional sophistication. For years it's been known that dolphins are incredibly intelligent creatures.

Intelligent enough to serve in the United States Navy since 1960 and have even protected Navy Seals from sharks. However, some whale and dolphin mass beachings are caused by sonar weapons used by both US and GB navies, as well as others.

While dolphins have incredible abilities to feel emotions, understand complex problems and communicate in ways we can’t even imagine, humans don’t seem to value this. We put the other creatures of the world underneath us and our own 'intelligence;. Knowing how dynamic dolphins are, keeping them away from thier family members, taking their babied away from them, being kept in glorified bathtubs and forcing them to do tricks for food is insulting and cruel. Could you imagine the pain of living in a small room your entire life and having to do flips to be fed? Sounds like a miserable existence, doesn’t it?

Spindle cells have been discovered in the brains of the some whales and bottlenose and Risso's dolphins (as of this writing), and play a central role in the development of intelligent behavior. Humans, the great apes, and elephants, all well known for their high intelligence, are the only others known to have spindle cells.

Unlike terrestrial mammals, and suggesting a different path to complex intelligence, dolphin brains contain a, extra paralimbic lobe. The location of the lobe suggests it is involved in a unique mash-up between emotional and cognitive thinking, perhaps some mix of social communication and self-awareness that we do not currently are not capable of understanding, but may to point family ties stronger than our own.

Dolphins and killer whales are top predators in the sea, and they often have dangerously high levels of toxic chemicals like mercury in their bodies because they eat fish that contain these toxins. By not polluting the oceans, we not only help the dolphins out, we also help fellow human beings who like to eat fish.

The only reason they intentionally beach themselves is to die. When a blight like the morbillivirus  causes beachings, they are sporadic and spread out over time, not happening simultaneously to dozens of dolphins and whales in a small area.

It is now long past the time for humans to work very hard at their own emotional evolution and the development and practice of compassion to all life on this planet - to be true stewards.

Excerpts above from http://www.sonarweapons.info/