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Our Sponsors, Mentors and Board Members


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Advisors and Mentors

  • Dr. Robin Baird - Robin has enthusiastically and reliably guided us through design of databases, and thought processes, and also has contributed a vast library of photos to our spinner dolphin catalog. Those tables have now turned and all of our photo id's go to Robin, and Sabre Mahaffy and into the catalogs of Cascadia Research Collective for centralized long term studies of Hawaii odontocetes. ,
  • Dr. Judith Vergun - - Director of the former "Kumu Ola: Source of Knowledge" at the University of Hawaii, and founder of Oregon State University's "Native Americans in Marine Sciences" program, is twice a recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring. Judith has not only provided resources and direction to our efforts, she has become a treasured friend.
  • William Aila Jr.- has coached us on cultural and environmental issues and related bureaucratic processes of Hawaii and provided moral support and insight.
  • Carl Jellings - Native Hawaiian Fisherman, for sharing with us the knowledge of coastal processes and passion to preserve the coastline.
  • Representative Jo Jordan Working alongside Jo for many years in coastal conservation and community efforts.

the other marine mammal

WDF Board - The Other Marine Mammals

Ten Basic Responsibilities of our Board

  • Tori Cullins - Founder and President
  • Shayna Dubbin-Harris - CEO
  • Melissa Shontofski - Education Director
  • Sofia Dahl - Research Director
  • Teagan Logan - Outreach Director

We are proud to list our Sponsors:

Wild Side Specialty Tours

Wild Side Specialty Tours - Without them, we would not be functional. Wild Side not only provides the platform from which we conduct studies, but has contributed equipment and resources for over 10 years.


Pro LogicPro-Logic - Put months of effort into the design and incorporation of our cutting edge online database, an incredible tool. Jason Bott enabled us to expand our program phenomenally.

Gates Underwater Housing