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Dolphin Photo ID



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What we do...

We work with campaign media, inform decision-makers, develop and advocate solutions, gather data to publish impartial data, and champion the conservation of the marine environment and sustainable livelihoods.

What we’ve accomplished...

  • Trained for production of broadcast media to promote and facilitate ocean protection  
  • Obtained HD video cameras and underwater housing, upgraded onboard DLSR's and lens.
  • Became a Field Station for REEF surveys
  • Performed multiple surveys of fish populations and coral reef transects to determine health of the dolphins' habitat
    Dolphin Jumping
  • Custom-designed an Access database to enter and process data
  • Redesigned and improved our internship program and training manual
  • Instituted an onboard naturalist program with Wild Side Specialty Tours (marine-mammal focused charters)
  • Obtained a laptop for onboard dolphin research and education  
  • Gained hundreds of hours of continuing onboard and shore data, and photo ids.
  • All photos of target species are now submitted to Cascadia Research Collective for photo identification and cataloging by the dedicated and talented Sabre! These are in turn used for abundance and distribution, and other coservation efforts.
  • Successfully participated in the design of House Bill 416 to prohibit new tour operations on our coastline until studies are done to determine carrying capacity   and House Bill 2682 RELATING TO COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES ON OCEAN WATERS.
  • Gathered 3,567 signatures in a petition to NOAA concerning Hawaiian spinner dolphin regulations.
  • Participated in Ocean Events and Fairs
  • Hosted a week long teen dolphin research camp
  • Hosted beach clean-ups
  • Partictpated in community and agency meetings, and media outreach, to encourage regulation of the dolphin - human interaction tour industry
  • Attended numerous marine and environment conferences
  • Became member of Ka Wai Ola o Waianae
  • Colloborated with the local community on methods to protect nearshore resources and working for sustainable dolphin tourism in the area by introducing guidelines and assembling educational materials with information to tourists, guides and other stakeholders.


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