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Dolphin Smart Hawaii and Florida - National

Dolphin Smart Hawaii


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Birthing a Baby Dolphin

Hawaiian Managment Model

Oahu Residents Looking to Protect their Dolphins

Do Hawaiian Spinner dolphins need more protection?

Do 'Dolphin Encounters' Depend on Inhumane Captures?

Dolphins enduring more harrassment Officials want tougher viewing rules

Should You Swim With This Dolphin?
For one visitor to Hawaii, the answer was yes. Then no.

Talkin' Dolphins

Lovin' Nature to Death

Wild Dolphin Foundation seeks limits on dolphin access - Increased water traffic is
disrupting the natural processes of spinner dolphins

Tourism altering Wai'anae way of life Increased tourism affects the community as well as the marine life

Fishermen, dolphin tour boats tangle off Waianae On the Leeward Coast, from Kalaeloa to Kaena Point, the differences between traditional subsistence-living and tourism-based economies are once more at the heart of a conflict

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