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Ten Shocking Facts About the State of our Oceans

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A gracious and selfless love for dolphins can be a catalyst for a deeper awareness of the delicate interconnectedness of all life.

  • Life on small islands provides a microcosm for understanding how we can live in balance with our environment and each other with local livelihoods, food security and natural resources sustained. A balance of enhancement, use and preservation of habitats is desirable.

    Hawaiian core values include:

    Aloha - A posititve and healthy attitude, value of unconditional acceptance
    Ho'ohana - To work with purpose and intent
    'Imi ola - To seek life in its highest form, abililty to make the best choices
    Kulia i ka nu'u - Strive to reach the summit, achievement
    Ho'omau - To preservere, never give up, cause the good in life to last
    Ho'okipa - Unselfishly extending the best we have to give
    Lokahi - seeks the harmony of bringing people to agreement
    Kakou - all of us, we are in this together
    Kuleana - accountability, seeking empowerment and taking ownership
    Malama - To serve and honor, care for and protect from the heart
    'Imi 'Ike - Pursue wisdom, learn and know well
    Ho'ohanohano - Honor the dignity of others, act with integrity and respect
    Alaka'i - Lead with initiative and good example
    Mahalo - Live in thankfulness, speak in appreciation
    Nana i kumu - Find your truth and let it inspire you
    Lokomaika'i - To share with each other
    Na'au Pono - To nurture a deep sense of justice
    Pono - When all is good and right, balance
    Paha'oha'o - To wonder

    We join in the Declaration of Interdependence will you join us?

  • Communities are reflective and knowledgeable about their work and its impact

    • What affects the land, affects the ocean, toxins in the environment are a shared risk for both humans and dolphins

  • What is man-created and impacts dolphins, humans, plants and other life forms may travel by wind, water or other methods thousands of miles.
  • We are interdependent with marine mammals and are responsible for using our awareness, compassion and intelligence to ensure their survival and the conservation of their habitat.
  • A safe home for dolphins is a safe place for humans to visit.

  • Two major impediments to conserving marine ecosystems are (1) a lack of understanding of the basic processes governing the essential features of these systems and (2) ineffective transfer of new scientific knowledge to the public and to policy makers.

  • We work with integrity and in collaboration with volunteers, backers, independent researchers and scientists, behaviorists, children and schols, the general public, tour operators, recreational boaters and fisherpeople.

  • We possess a deep commitment to bring nobility, honor and Aloha to non-profit management, conscious of cost effectiveness, program effectiveness, internal accountability for each program, and to use the material support dollars we are given responsibly and well.

    Our Team